Galdniecība "Mežmaļi"
Ķekavas pag. "Valkos" Valdlauči
kontakti: tālr:+371 67815670

About the enterprise.

The enterprise has been registered in 1996 as a farm. This legal status has been preserved up to this day. At first we have performed various joinery work, yet, in the course of time, we have gradually specialized in the manufacturing of wooden windows and doors.
We also work with foreign customers (only on the basis of individual orders); in case of necessity, we perform the measurement, as well as the installation of our own products
In 2004, joinery has been registered as an operational unit and transferred to the new premises, which has allowed to significantly increase the production output, to develop technologies, as well as to improve the quality of the products.
As of now, we are easily accessible both to the citizens of Riga, and to the customers from the regions of the Republic. We are situated in Valdlauči, or 1 km from the Southern bridge, on the left bank of the Daugava River.
We are a small enterprise. However, we are open for the specific wishes of the clients, as well as for new solutions. A specialized team of masters.
We basically work with the materials of local origin: pine-tree, birch-tree, ash-tree and oak-tree.
For finishing and component parts we basically use the materials, which have been manufactured in Germany and Scandinavia.

Our best advertisement is a satisfied client, therefore, we observe the quality of the products and the stipulated deadlines for production.