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Warranty conditions

For multiple glazed windows produced by “Mežmali” joinery a three years long warranty is applied starting from the day of goods delivery to a customer and providing that both the construction normative acts of the Republic of Latvia and the following rules are obeyed:

  • When transporting and storing, multiple glazed windows should be positioned vertically at angle of 85 to 90 degrees, observing direction of their mounting into openings. If it is not possible, windows should be stored with hinges faced down.
  • A storage premise for multiple glazed windows should be well ventilated with relative humidity of 50 to 70%.
  • During construction works, covering multiple glazed windows with protective film, a special adhesive stripe based on PVC should be used. This stripe should be removed not later than in two weeks after being stuck on.
  • After installing multiple glazed windows into openings, sealing foam and plastering should be applied not later than during next 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Weights are not allowed to be applied to a window.
  • Hard objects are not allowed to be placed in between the window and a sash; opened window should not be left unattended.
    • 90 - opened position;
    • 135 - “winter ventilation” position (is applicable);
    • 180 - active ventilation. 
  • For opening a window, the following fixed window handle positions should be used:
  • Multiple glazed windows should not be used as load carrying structures.
  • Window furniture should be protected against foreign matter (construction dirt, rubbish, etc).
  • Moving parts of the furniture should be lubricated with mineral oil once per year.
  • Windows should not be washed with aggressive chemicals.
  • Painted surfaces should 3-4 times per year be treated with a special care product (REMMERS) with preliminary fat removal (REINIGER) and wax polishing afterwards (POLITUR).
  • Wooden window parts should be protected from mechanical damage.

Manufacturer is not responsible for mechanical damage and other defects resulted from improper use or maintenance of multiple glazed windows.

Recommendations and comments

Newly installed windows do not requite treatment with care products for the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Wooden window surface with dark coating being exposed to sunlight in summer time may become hot and this may result in tar appearance on the wood surface. This is not considered to be a defect.

An increased wearing of painted wooden window surfaces may be observed during the starting operation period, what is due to a high pigmentation level typical for intensively painted parts.

When cleaning windows, try to avoid intensive dry frictions. Do not use sharp objects to clean the glass sealing to avoid its damage.

If in case of damage a color renewal is necessary, try to avoid the dye staining a sealing polymer to avoid it loosing elasticity.

Fresh air in premise helps to increase the window durability. In bathroom, kitchen and other premises of common use, an increased humidity is often observed, resulting in water condensation on window glass and condensed water flowing down the wooden sash, damaging wood. To prevent wood damage, premises should be regularly ventilated. The most effective and power-consuming method of ventilation is to open the window as wide as possible for 5 to 10 minutes, repeating this several times in a day. Dry and oxygen-saturated air will warm up quickly and comfort atmosphere will be restored.

With best regards,
Mežmali” joinery staff