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Any housing requires doors. It is necessary to strictly classify the doors, according to their functions: outer doors separate the housing from the surrounding territory, while inner doors separate individual rooms. Outer doors are subject to meteorological and climate conditions, which might be very harsh and changeable. Inner doors, for their part, are situated inside the housing, where the operating conditions are much more careful and consistent.

The manufacturing technologies differ for outer doors and inner doors.

When ordering doors, it is necessary to know the following:

  1. The overall dimensions of the door frame (the height, width and depth of the frame);
  2. The opening direction - right, left, or whether sliding doors are also possible;
  3. Whether a threshold is required for the doors;
  4. The drawing, or intended appearance of doors;
  5. Which wood should the doors be manufactured from: pine-tree, birch-tree, ash-tree or oak-tree;
  6. The toning of the doors.