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We consider the windows, which are 78 mm and 90 mm thick, as news, although we have been producing these windows since the beginning of this summer. These windows have been created on the basis of the previous (68mm thick) Eurowindows. As distinguished from previous windows, these windows have built-in three-layer two-chamber glazing units, as well as double densification. Moreover, in order to decrease heat losses, water drainage of new type is built in these windows. Together with the window, this water drainage forms a supplementary partially confined area, thus bringing cold zone more on the outside, in the lower section of the window frame.
As a result, the heat indicators of these windows are significant improved.

  • For the 78 mm window - U = 1,06 W/m2K, for the glazing - U – 0,7W/m2K
  • For 90 mm windows - U = 0,81 W/m2K, for the glazing - U – 0,5W/m2K


We have purchased the new equipment for grinding and calibration, and have just begun to use it. We use this equipment in order to produce both windows and doors.


This autumn, we have already executed the third order for Scandinavia. Currently, we are clarifying the nuances for the new order for Sweden.