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Every home needs windows. The basic function of windows is to provide the premises with as much light as possible, to preserve warmth, as well as to be convenient in servicing. More and more frequently, increased soundproofing, safety, windproofness, rainproofness, fireproofness, as well as other demands, are put forward. Windows are like design elements for a house. Through the evaluation of these factors, one makes a selection of the most suitable type of windows.

Currently we offer Eurowindows with various degrees of heat insulation, Veneered windows, out opening windows, as well as Scandinavian windows. Three-layer dual-chamber glazing units, which (in comparison with traditional double-layer single-chamber glazing units) have significantly better thermal performance characteristics, are built in the Eurowindows, which has a thickness of 78 and the 90mm thick wooden section.

In its turn, instead of one traditional glass, glazing units are built in the internal flaps of the veneered windows and out opening windows. The mentioned windows (Eurowindows 78 and 90mm, veneered windows and out opening windows) are considered to be the windows with increased heat insulation. The value, which characterizes windows, is the coefficient of thermal conductivity, which is defined by – U.(W/m2K)

  • Us - the coefficient of thermal conductivity for glazing
  • Ul - the coefficient of thermal conductivity for a window